Cleaning needle batteries

Cleaning Needle Batteries

The NEO method is the best way to clean needle batteries because it is effective, gentle and environmentally friendly.


A needle battery – also called a needle heat exchanger – is often used in cold environments, where the indoor air is very cold or humid. A needle heat exchanger is a type of heat exchanger used to transfer heat between two different media, such as air and water. These switches have a unique design consisting of a series of long, narrow tube “needles” that are placed in a tubular container. One medium passes through the tubes, while the other medium passes around the “needles”. In this way, the heat transfer between the two media can take place without mixing the two media. Needle heat exchangers are efficient and energy-saving, and are often used in heating and air-conditioning systems to transfer heat between different media, They are also suitable for use in compact systems where there is not much space, as needle coils are very narrow and take up minimal space.


Nordic Energy Optimization uses its proprietary and innovative method, the NEO method, which is a combination of dry ice and special equipment for effective cleaning. The Neo method involves using liquid carbonic acid ice to push dirt, impurities and other substances off the surface of the gearbox. This is an effective method for removing even the most severe contaminants.

One of the main advantages of the NEO method is that it is a gentle method that does not damage the surface of the gears. This is a method that does not damage the material, which is important to preserve its life and efficiency.

In addition, the NEO method is a quick and easy method to use. It is also very environmentally friendly as carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring gas and does not release any harmful substances into the air.

In conclusion, the NEO method is the best method to clean needle batteries because it is effective, gentle and environmentally friendly.

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