Cross heat exchanger

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Cleaning of cross-changers.

Nordic Energy Optimisation are experts in cleaning cross-changers. Our unique cleaning method is gentle and effective.

cross changer

A cross-converter is a type of exchanger used in ventilation systems to transfer heat between two air streams passing through the exchanger in opposite directions. This allows the heat exchanger to be used to heat or cool the air in a room without affecting the purity or humidity of the air. The cross-connector is an important component of the ventilation system as it helps to maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

Dirty heat exchanger

A common problem with gearboxes is that the medium passing through the gearbox contains contaminants that clog the gearbox components. This can lead to the inverter becoming less efficient and the energy transfer to the other medium not being as effective as it should be if it was clean. It can also cause the inverter to stop working altogether. To avoid these problems, it is important that the inverter is regularly cleaned and maintained.

Save money with the help of cleaning

Very often, as a property owner, you are told that you have to replace the heater because it is too old. This does NOT need to be done. Many times it is enough that we clean them and maintain a consistent level of service over time. Industries should review cleaning once/year and commercial properties every two to four years depending on the location of the property.

By keeping the batteries clean, the heater gets its cooling/heating delivered to the fullest. Air flows become smoother, efficiency increases significantly, motors become more stable and smoother, squeaking and noise is eliminated for rotating gearboxes, which are also balanced when dirt has caused them to become unbalanced.

Shovels and motors are cleaned and balanced. The spaces inside the battery pack are cleaned of dirt and cleaned. Filters are replaced by us with new ones.

We comb the slats that are lying down and check for damage and any leaks and report this to the person responsible on site.


Nordic Energy Optimization uses its proprietary and innovative method, the NEO method, which is a combination of dry ice and special equipment for effective cleaning. The Neo method involves using liquid carbonic acid ice to push dirt, impurities and other substances from the surface of the condensers. This is an effective method for removing even the most stubborn contaminants.

One of the main advantages of the NEO method is that it is a gentle method that does not damage the surface of the gears. This is a method that does not damage the material, which is important to preserve its life and efficiency.

In addition, the NEO method is a quick and easy method to use. It is also very environmentally friendly as carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring gas and does not release any harmful substances into the air.

In conclusion, the NEO method is the best way to clean gearboxes because it is effective, gentle and environmentally friendly.

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