Cleaning of switchgear, electrical cabinets, insulators, etc.

Rengöring av elskåp och ställverk

Cleaning of switchgear, electrical cabinets, insulators, etc.

Cleaning of switchgear, electrical cabinets, insulators, etc. The build-up of soot and dirt on switchgear can create a number of problems. Firstly, it can make the equipment more difficult to use. In addition, the accumulation of dirt and debris can eventually lead to a short circuit, which can cause an interruption in service. To avoid these problems, it is important to regularly clean the switchgear. This process involves removing soot and dirt that has built up on the surfaces of the equipment. By keeping the switchgear clean, you can help to ensure that it continues to function properly for many years to come. Regular cleaning can also help to extend the life of the switchgear.

The Neo method

The NEO process is a gentle and environmentally friendly cleaning that leaves no waste behind. The NEO process uses CO2 pellets that evaporate immediately on contact with the surface to be cleaned, leaving only the coating that has been removed. The Neo process is chemical-free and completely non-toxic, making it safe to use in a variety of industries. In addition, the NEO process is gentle and does not cause wear and tear on surfaces like other blasting materials. As a result, the neo-process can often enable cleaning of production machines during operation without the need for time-consuming dismantling.

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