Service agreement

Service agreement

Here you can see a selection of our services that we can make Service Agreements on.

Ventilation service contract 

A service agreement for ventilation is an agreement between the user of a ventilation system  and Nordisk Energioptimering who receives service and maintenance for the ventilation. 

The contract specifies the services that will be offered, how often they will be performed and the costs associated with them. For example, the service contract may include regular inspections and cleaning of the ventilation system, as well as repairs and replacement of parts that need to be replaced. The purpose of a ventilation service contract is to ensure that the ventilation system works optimally and that any problems are detected and corrected at an early stage.

The customers for a ventilation service contract can be different types of organisations or individuals who use ventilation in their premises. This can include offices, schools, shops, restaurants, businesses and other types of buildings where ventilation is necessary to keep the air fresh and clean. 

Who are the typical clients of ventilation service contract services
  • Property owner
  • Operational organisations
  • Energy Improvers
  • Housing associations
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping Centres and Shops
  • Industries
  • Workshops and paint shops
  • Shipping and oil platforms
  • Hotels and hospitals
Suggested inspections and checks that can be included in a ventilation service contract
  • OVK inspection with proposed measures.
  • Degree of fouling in canals
  • Status of batteries in heaters/heat exchangers, electrical installations
  • Checking the filter/Replacing the filter
  • Status of belts and pulleys
  • Functional control of ventilation systems
  • Coordinate testing of composite systems
  • Building inspections (Final inspections)
  • CE marking of composite systems
Suggested measurements that can be included in a ventilation service contract
  • Real time measurement with forecasts
  • “Before and After” measurements
  • Implementation of supervisory monitoring system with alarm limits.
Suggestions for cleaning equipment that can be included in a ventilation service contract
  • Cleaning of heat exchangers/cooling condensers
  • Cleaning substations, power stations, insulators, transformer stations
  • Electric cabinets
  • Cleaning channels (all kind of dirt)
  • Cleaning of shop cooler
  • Cleaning of bearing coolers (evaporators).
  • Mould remediation
Operational optimisation
  • Control and regulation adjustments.
  • Optimisation of heating/cooling and ventilation
  • CO2 conversion of cysystems
  • Existing plant check with proposed measures LCC/replacement strategy with proposed measures
Service and maintenance
  • Review of existing systems with comments
  • Suggestions for improvement.
  • Proposals for cost-cutting measures
  • Energy advice
  • Maintenance plans
Project Management/Construction
  • Cost estimates
  • Project management/follow-up.
Construction cleaning/Service cleaning
  • Cleaning of building materials
  • Rough cleaning of premises
  • Coarse cleaning of building surfaces
  • Cleaning of renovation areas

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