Pre and post measurements

Före- & eftermätningar på ventilation

Before & after measurements on ventilation

The need for pre & post measurements on ventilation depends on the nature of the problems to be investigated, and on the results of the previous investigation steps. Often this involves measuring air flows and/or carbon dioxide concentration. Air movement within rooms, air movement between rooms, and filter function are examples of other aspects of ventilation function that may need to be investigated through measurements.

In general, when making before & after measurements on ventilation, use established/standardised methods. There are a number of published methodological descriptions that can be used in this context, such as those from Nordtest.

Före- & eftermätningar på ventilation

If you don't measure, you don't know!

Measurement of air flows in ventilation installations should be carried out according to the Formas T9:2007 publication. Before starting the measurements, the investigator must think carefully about the purpose and how the measurement work will be carried out. If the client so wishes, the investigator must be able to present a measurement plan that specifies:

– What is to be measured and by what method.
– The locations where measurements are to be taken and the reasons for selecting these locations (type room, direction of the weather, supply unit, activity).
– When each measurement is to be performed.
– Circumstances that may affect performance (e.g. weather and wind, operational status of technical installations and personnel load)
– The expected outcome, including a summary of criteria and requirements to be verified

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