Electric cabinet

Rengöring av elskåp och ställverk

Cleaning of electrical cabinets and switchgear

There are several different problems that can arise if electrical cabinets and switchgear are dirty. One of the main problems is that dirt and dust can cause short circuits and overheating of electrical components, which can lead to fire and other serious accidents. In addition, dirt and dust on electrical cabinets and switchgear can make troubleshooting and repairs difficult. Dirt and dust can also impair airflow and increase the risk of moisture damage to electrical equipment. It is therefore important to keep electrical cabinets and switchgear clean and free of dirt and dust.
Cleaning of electrical cabinets and switchgear with the NEO method
For cleaning electrical cabinets and switchgear, Nordic Energy Optimisation has developed a method that is very effective. We turn off the power to every unit we work on and clean with one of the world’s smallest and most efficient ice blasters on the market. We clean EVERYTHING in the cabinet without damaging a solder joint, microchip or component. Because the ice is so finely dispersed, we can reach the dirt and grease in the electrical components and motors without damage. By using compressed air to get the ice out, we also blow the dirt out of the cabinet. As dust, grease and dirt can cause fires, this is the most effective cleaning that can be done in electrical and mechanical engineering. Furthermore, the uniqueness of the NEO method is that it is a dry gas. This means that you cannot get short circuits.

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