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Cleaning of evaporators

These units run 24/7 all year round and are usually very dirty with dust, mould, sand, lime and soil. The trucks tear up the dust as they drive around the premises and the gates are constantly opened and closed. The dust gets stuck on the slats and in the drip trays. When the cooling tubes freeze, the dust immediately sticks to them and to the fins. This goes on all the time, and if you don’t keep up, these units become clogged with dirt and the drip trays fill up with dirt, forming cakes of dirt and mould in the trays and in the drain pipes. Black mould spores travel through the air via the fans in the units when the units get mould in and on them, creating huge problems for the staff on the premises.

NEO method & Cleaning of evaporators

With the NEO method, the entire cleaning process is dry and the downtime of the unit is less, much less than with water and chemicals. We don’t need to worry about the electronics as the carbon dioxide ice is a gas that evaporates on contact with the hard material. -At -80 degrees Celsius, we freeze bacteria and mould into a powder that is sucked into hepa filters by our machines.

After cleaning the units and drip trays and drain pipes, you get units that deliver full power, cleaner air and units that run more quietly and don’t have to run all the time. Servicing them once every two years will significantly extend the life of your units and reduce your energy costs. In addition, your staff will avoid bad air.

The NEO method is an effective way to remove black mould. At -80 degrees Celsius, we kill the spores and the dry cleaning leaves the mould with nothing to grow on. We remove the mould BUT if you don’t keep it clean all the time, the mould will come back as there is always a dew point between the outdoor temperature, condensation and the indoor temperature. M

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