Curtain heaters

Cleaning of curtain heaters

A curtain heater is a type of heater that sits above doors, gates and exits. These heat sources prevent cold rains and keep the area around doors, gates and exits warm.

One problem that can arise with curtain heaters is that they can get dirty. This can happen if dust or other dirt collects on the surface of the heating element, or between the fins Dirty curtain heaters can be less efficient and can also result in poor air quality in the room. To avoid this problem, curtain heaters should be cleaned regularly to prevent dirt from accumulating on them.

the neo method and cleaning of curtain heaters

Nordic Energy Optimization uses its proprietary and innovative method, the NEO method, which is a combination of dry ice and special equipment for effective cleaning. The Neo method involves using liquid carbonic acid rice to push dirt, pollutants and other substances away from the curtain heaters. This is an effective method for removing even the most stubborn contaminants, such as mould, algae and other dirt.

One of the main advantages of the NEO method is that it is a gentle method that does not damage the surface of the curtain heaters It is important to use a method that does not damage the surface is important to preserve its longevity and effectiveness.

In addition, the NEO method is a quick and easy method to use. It is also very environmentally friendly as carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring gas and does not release any harmful substances into the air.

In conclusion, the NEO method is the best method to clean cooling towers because it is effective, gentle and environmentally friendly.

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